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Courses for adults

Our courses for students and employees are tailored to meet their needs at work and in their ...

Courses for Kids and Students

Teaching English to children and students is most effective when except for linguistic knowledge ...

  • Certificate Courses

    Britanica’s certificate courses are designed to successfully prepare you for passing Cambridge University’s certificate exams. The awarded certificates are recognized by thousands of universities and employers around ...
  • Corporate training

    You would like your staff's training to be efficient and to improve their communication skills when using English. This is exactly what we strive for. We will offer you goal-oriented language training, tailored to the needs of ...
  • Teacher Trainings

    Our aim while training teachers is to make them confident in class. They are introduced to the international teaching criteria applied to different age groups throughout seminars, workshops, and further qualification for ...



Super English in Septembеr

Students from levels Starters to CPE take part in two-week long free refresher English courses in September. Do not miss out! Sign up right now for the 2014-2015 school year at BRITANICA! More ...

Аll team
Добре дошли в платформата за on-line обучение за курсисти от интензивна и годишна форма на обучение.

Ако сте курсист в интензивен или годишен курс на обучение, моля продължете напред.

Ако сте курсист с ваучер по програмата "Аз мога повече", моля върнете се назад и влезте в платформата “Аз мога повече” чрез бутона в горния десен ъгъл на началната страница на уебсайта на BRITANICA.
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